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My First Efforts At Invention

My First Efforts At Invention I shall dwell briefly on these extraordinary experiences, on account of their possible interest to students of psychology and physiology and also because this period of agony was of the greatest consequence on my mental development and subsequent labors. But it is indispensable to first relate the circumstances and conditions…
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Tesla’s Wireless Light

Scientific American February 2nd, 1901 Tesla's Wireless Light by Nikola Tesla   Nikola Tesla has given to The New York Sun an authorized statement concerning his new experiments on the production of light without the aid of wires. Mr. Tesla says: “This light is the result of continuous efforts since my early experimental demonstrations before…
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You can join us at the 1st TESLA FILM FESTIVAL, will be on July 10 / 2016, at 160 anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birthday, all the details about countries where TFF will take places and events will be announced by March 2016. Submit your film, script, art or pitch, today. More about the program will…
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Tesla Film Festival is connecting film and science.

The mission is to encourage filmmakers to
discover new perspectives on our history and our future.




Tesla Film Festival is connecting film and science.
The mission is to encourage filmmakers to discover new perspectives on our history and give solutions for new discoveries leading to our future.

We are non profit organization dedicated to bring infront of the audience new independent movies and authors. Our programs will run the whole year and with it we are going to inspire, discovere, support and educate.

We are connecting artist and scientists around the world into one common vision full of differences. We do not judge artists by nationality or religion nor by gender, age or sexuality orientation. We are encuriging those who are different in vision, artistic aproach, subject or discoveries to create more and show us what they see, feel and dream about through their work.

Our mission is to bring Nikola Tesla's works closer to understanding and to inspire with them and his visions. Nikola Tesla made this world a better place to live in, but was forgotten for so long, just becsause he was different and infront of his time.

Let this not happen again!


Nikola Tesla proved with his work, that only one man on this planet can make anormouse impact and change in the world. That is why we do believe that a story of a singel movie can change a perspective of the audience on life we are living.

That is why we do believe that those movies that we are going to bring to our respectful audience with the visionary and talented individuals all over the world are going to bring a positive change in social values and also promoting scientists work with their discoveries even inpact to the technological development in future.

Physics is our life through numbers and formulas and it is something that every person come across with every day. We want to bring the understanding of physics closer, so everybody can understand the basic of our life force. And with spiritual and artistic part the mening of our life on this planet.

That is why we encurageing talented people to be different and show us their world of reality and dreams through their work.