TESLA Biography


The creator of 21th century


Inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, artist, humanitarian, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

Born at midnight on July 9th to 10th 1856 in Smiljani (Lika) Austiran Monarchy now Croatia and died January 7, 1943 on Orthodox Christmas at New Yorker hotel, New York.

He had Serbian origins but emigrated to America in 1884 where he became US citizen.

From his inventions till today we are using his patents without any change to produce and distribute AC electrical power.

Tesla is also known for his high-voltage, high-frequency power experiments in New York and Colorado Springs which included patented devices of radio communication and principles for wireless –mobile communication.

He proved in Colorado Springs that wireless power transmission is possible and built in NY Wardenclyffe Tower with intention to wireless transmitted and charge energy anywhere on the Planet, but was stopped before finishing the project. Maybe the reason to stopping him was, that he was perused that energy is limitless present everywhere, so it should be for free.

Tesla is father of radio and the true inventor of it. He was the first one who discovered X-rays that he called death rays, but was not interested to experiment with them.

He spoke fluently 7 languages and knew most of the books of the classic novel writers by his head. As he is mentioning in his autobiography called: “My inventions”; idea of rotating magnetic field came to him when he was looking at sun and saying loud (recitating) Goethe on the walk through the park of Budapest in 1882. Tesla obtained US patent for Electro magnetic motor in 1888. From that time Rotating magnetic field principles are part of almost all motors in the world.

He also wrote the book: Problem of increasing human energy. Where he gives advices and possibilities for future development on Earth by using clean energy and organic food as well promoting physical and mental condition of human beings. The book must be read with knowledge, that he wrote it right after he found out that the wireless transmission of power is possible and everybody was expecting that he will write how this system works…

He is author of more than 300 listed patents and more than 700 discoveries that changed our way of living completely. For a lot of years he was forgotten by public, but no country forgot to use his inventions on daily bases.

Every time we switch on the light in our house or start the motor in our car or..we should say thank you NIKOLA TESLA. He died poor and suffered lack of existential needs in New York 1943.

As he said his time is coming and right now we are living his time, so we want you to be a part of the legendary time when we together will discover vision of Nikola Tesla and all what he has left us by his inventions and writings, but we were not able to understand till now. Mobile telephones are already charging wireless, now they will start with batteries and the next step is what he already patented more than 100 years ago.

So, enjoy with TESLA FILM FESTIVAL and discover what you do not know or bring be the one who can help us all to bring puzzles of his work and vision to the picture of the bright future . Nikola Tesla was high manner and high spiritual person who pictured for us to live in healthy and peaceful environment on Earth.