The Tesla Science Foundation

is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific
innovations of Nikola Tesla. Having successfully hosted numerous lectures,
seminars, forums - to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and
Tesla Memorial Conference - our Foundation is the most active Tesla related
organization in the United States today.

Through our dedicated efforts and generous support from our contributors, 
the Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers,
academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide continues
to grow. Visionary and scientist  Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory
of the World register.


Tesla Science Foundation History

The Tesla Science Foundation  was formed to promote the legacy of Nikola Tesla by raising awareness of his accomplishments and contributions to the 21st Century to include introducing his many patents and inventions that remain applicable to our current needs.  We bring together those with a genuine interest in Tesla through educational programs, workshops, meetings, and public events. Tesla Science Foundation  also selects several inventors per year who have demonstrated innovative technology concepts that exemplify Tesla's lifelong commitment to Science, Industry, and the Environment.
We are prepared to provide assistance to the patent process of new and innovative technologies to include introducing them to the market by forming an appropriate team of professionals including engineers, attorneys, and business/marketing specialists.  The Tesla Science Foundation gives three awards each year for achievements in technology, writing and art related to Tesla or his work.

Tesla Science Foundation Mission

Our mission is to establish and promote the recognition and awareness of
Nikola Tesla's inventions, patents, theories, philosophies, lectures, and innovations.


We develop and support programs that create innovative educational, research, and community outreach projects for the advancement and understanding
of Nikola Tesla's technology.1410473435




The Tesla Science Foundation got its start as the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club on July 10th, 2004.  The goal of the organization was to promote the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla and to also give inventors interested in Tesla's work an opportunity to work together.  We quickly realized that there was much more interest in Tesla than in an inventors club and formed the Nikola Tesla Club.  The Nikola Tesla Club is still around and is a strong organization with affiliates in several different cities and countries.

On January 7, 2010, the Tesla Science Foundation was officially incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Today, we have connected Tesla enthusiasts around the world.  We have contact with over 12,000 people who share our vision of telling the world about Tesla.  Additionally, we have found great opportunities to work with other Tesla-related organizations and there is strong interest in starting chapters all over the
US and the world.

We have been approached to join in on several great projects, some of which could lead to a solution for the world energy crisis. For the past three years, we have hosted over 100 lectures, conferences and social events, making the Tesla Science Foundation the most active Tesla-related group in the world.  But we're not satisfied yet.  We need to do more. And for that reason, we need to change our strategy and grow as a group.  
We will need full time employees and a physical space to promote Tesla's life and work the way he deserves. The plan for this year is to broadcast most of our lectures over our webinar, allowing up to 1000 Tesla-enthusiasts to tune in live from across the globe. Additionally, we will post the recordings of lectures to  www.TeslaTalk.TV for all to listen later.

We have unlimited storage on our server and plan to use it. This kind of exposure will build a community.  Lecturers will become known for their specialized knowledge and the more popular lecturers will be invited to speak again and to conferences.  Our awards committee will also recognize top speakers.   Moreover, we will be offering an award for a project in the works to recognize efforts and offer the Tesla Science Foundation's assistance in completing the project.
Our Presidential Scholarship will be awarded to talented students who display a commitment to our mission of promoting the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla.  Awards will be given twice per year.  Once at the annual Tesla Days Celebration July 9th and 10th in Philadelphia and at the "Spirit of Tesla" Commemorative Conference in New York on January 7th.

I urge all Tesla enthusiasts to get involved in this cooperation effort.  We need everyone working together.  Join our group.  Join our board.  We will even have online board meetings to minimize time commitment. Personal Interest From a very early age I studied everything I could about Tesla.  As I child, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with George Gostovic, a personal friend of Nikola Tesla.  Some of the information I learned about Tesla just didn't add up and led me to question some of what is out there about Tesla.  In particular, I have always questioned the story of Tesla's death and what happened after his death. I have done a lot of work to investigate Tesla's death and what happened to his body and his work upon his death, but have not found enough information to publish an opinion.  If you would like to work on this "Tesla Detectives" project with me, please let me know Truly yours, Nikola Lonchar President and Founder Tesla Science Foundation www.TeslaScienceFoundation.org

Nikola Lonchar,
Founder/President of the Tesla Science Foundation.


My interest in Tesla began as a child. From age 6, I lived in (Zemun) Belgrade, where one of my first neighbors was wrestler Djuro Gostovic.  At the time, Mr. Gostovic was the strongest man in Serbia, but he was also a personal friend of Nikola Tesla. As a child, I was more interested in learning to fight from Mr. Gostovic, but he assured me that it was more important to be smart. He told me stories about the great inventor, the world, New York City. I visited the Tesla Museum in Belgrade and started to read everything I could find about Tesla.

There are a lot of things surrounding Tesla's life that are uncertain, and some are more clear. A good detective looks to the hard facts first, then makes logical inferences. Sometimes, what seem to be hard facts, however, can be false. This is why it is important that a detective be able to apply logic to what he knows and determine what is true. This is what I am doing, and now I am doing it with you. Please do not hold back and let me know what you think makes sense and what you think does not. I will carefully consider all of your input and you might help me see things in a way I previously could not. If you cannot tell me something today, write to me.

John O'Neill wrote The Prodigal Genius, a book I still have in my
collection today. As a child and now after 50 years of trying to
figure out the truth, I still do not understand what happened before and after January 7, 1943 regarding Tesla and his documents. What was his message to humanity? I'm still working to figure these things out and I will publish my findings when I get to an answer. I began to work as an inventor as a young man, earning several accolades, including my most prized, the Gold Medal of Nikola Tesla. Right now, I am working as a private detective which helps me continue my work on my interests "The Truth about Tesla."