TFF is connecting film and science

The mission is to encourage filmmakers to discover
new perspectives on our history and our future.



The Tesla Film Festival is focusing on connecting film and science.
The mission is to encourage filmmakers to discover new perspectives
on film and science in the past, and make new discoveries leading
to the future.

The 1st   Tesla Film Festival, the festival will travel internationally with 
the goal to inspire, discover, support and educate audiences.

We strive to connect artists and scientists from around the world and to inspire
them to discuss together world matters of the currently relevant in the world.
We encourage filmmakers and scientists to have original approach to subjects,
vision and artistic expression.

Our mission is to get people to better understand Nikola Tesla's work
and to use his visions to inspire audiences around the world.
Nikola Tesla made this world a better place to live in but was forgotten
for so long. We think that it is time to make Nikola Tesla’s visions
alive again


We believe in the personal and professional story of a genius Nikola Tesla,
who proved with his work, that a single man can make enormous
difference and change the world.

We believe that the movies that we are bringing to our audiences, made by
the visionary and talented individuals from all over the world, are going
to bring a positive change and will promote new discoveries of technological
development in the future.