TSF Awards


During the inaugural edition of the Tesla Film Festival,
The Tesla Science Foundation will award a few of the best
movies made about Nikola Tesla in the past.
The Foundation will also award films that are in
the different stages of production: script writing,
production or post-production.


tesla_bustMarijana Van Blaricom – for 20 years of Tesla award in Hollywood


Joseph Sikorski – director of documentary Fragments from Olympus

Marina Arsenijevic
– music for documentary Fragments from Olympus

Gordon Bjelonic – for reserch on Tesla

Mark Passio – for the best conference – The freedom comes with free energy and free comunications

Djurijubo Vujovic – for production of movie about Tesla

Ela Graf – for the Tesla's ways

Milan Knezevic for promotion of first movie about Tesla

Zeljko Mirkovic – director of documentary Second Meeting (Drugi susret)

Zortan Bulovic – photos of Tesla

Mano Divina for music Divine by Divine Handensemble

James Jaeger for script about Tesla – The poet of electricity

Milica Puric – Journalist for promotion of Tesla

Craig Do'Vidio, M.S. Art Institute Philadelphia – for educational movies

Ashley Redfearn – Director of Tacony school Philadelphia – The first school who placed Tesla into the school program

Jane Alcorn – President of Wardenclyffe Museum

Matt Inman – for the best animation film

New Yorker hotel for promoting Tesla

Franklin insitutute in Philadelphia for promoting Tesla

Boris Petrovic for making Tesla institute and promoting Tesla in Brasil

Goran Marjanovic – scientist for Tesla's patents puting into life

Brian Yetzer for the best App as the school tool

Filip Milosavljevic for the best art

Veljko Pekovic for Art

Marina Bulatovic – Publicist

Marko Iopusina – for the most publised newspaper articles about Tesla